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Evangelism has been identified as a key activity as we discover God’s Kingdom and grow the Church. This work is driven by members of the Evangelism Group, under the guidance of Revd Angela Butler.

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Homelessness is sadly all too often experienced by people in Cornwall – rough sleepers, sofa surfers and women and men fleeing from domestic violence.

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Mission Funding

The process for obtaining funds to help with mission initiatives has been simplified, so if you wish to apply for financial help with one of your projects contact Sue Thorold. Tel: 01872 247 216 Email:

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Parish Giving Scheme

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a direct-debit system originally developed by the Diocese of Gloucester to provide a professional, effective donation management system to support parishes in funding their mission and ministry.  It has been adopted as the preferred way of giving by the National Stewardship Committee and more than half of our dioceses are using the scheme.

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Poverty and Debt

The Diocese of Truro is a Founder partner of the Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum CIPF. The Diocese helped to organise Cornwall’s first Poverty Hearing in 1997.

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Rural Affairs

Cornwall is still largely an agricultural county. Around 75% of all the land in Cornwall is farmed in some way and most parishes  include some farmland. In recent years, partly as a result of advances in technology and partly as a consequence of financial constraints, farms have employed many fewer people and farmers have become increasingly isolated. The Church, at parish, county and national level, has a vital ministry to this industry. Support is demonstrated in a variety of ways, usually in conjunction with the Methodist Church.

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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility currently engages in the following areas: Poverty and Debt; Community Involvement;  Environmental Issues;  Homelessness and Affordable Housing;  Workplace Chaplaincy; Inclusion;  Migrant workers;  Funding;  Fairtrade; Faith in Justice;  Equal Opportunities;  Influencing Policy

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Stewardship is integral to discipleship. It encompasses how we handle all that with which we have been blessed in terms of time, talents and financial giving. Stewardship is our own, personal response to God.

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World Church Committee

Much of the work of the Committee is to continue to raise awareness of the Church in other parts of the world, and especially within the Dioceses with which Truro has formally established links. Whilst there are strong links and a regular exchange of personnel between Cornwall and Sweden and South Africa, there are many other long established parochial links with other parts of the world church, including Peru, central Africa, India and South America.

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