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Information Area: Governance

Bishop’s Diocesan Council

This section is for members of the Bishop’s Diocesan Council and is password protected. If you believe you should have access please contact the Communications Team on 01872 360037 or email

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Diocesan Synod

In the Church of England diocesan synods exist under the terms of the Synodical Government Measure 1969. A diocesan synod consists of three Houses, The House of Bishops, The House of Clergy and The House of Laity.

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Diocesan Synod Minutes and Papers 13th May 2017

The minutes and papers for the Diocesan Synod are available below.

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Diocesan Synod Minutes and Papers 4th November 2017

The papers for the November 4 Diocesan Synod – Minutes of the previous meeting, Notice, Agenda, Accompanying items are available below: TDS17 (17) Notice, TDS17 (18) Minutes (September), TDS17 (19) Agenda, TDS17 (21) Proposal to reconstitute the DBE, TDS17 (22) Safeguarding report, TDS17 (23) New approach to MMF, TDS17 (24) Diocesan Synod Elections 2018, TDS17 (25) Environmental Strategy, TDS17 (26) Never Alone Summary Report, TDS17 (27) Transforming Mission Progress Report, TDS17 (28) Bishop’s Diocesan Council Report., TDS17 (29) Minutes

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Diocesan Synod Minutes and Papers 9th September 2017

The minutes of the previous meeting, notice, agenda and accompanying items are available below

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General Synod

The General Synod is the national assembly of the Church of England. It came into being in 1970 under the Synodical Government Measure 1969, replacing an earlier body known as the Church Assembly.

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