Information Area: Discipleship

Growing Disciples

Growing Disciples is about engaging with – and accompanying – people on a journey to faith through simple friendship and the intentional use of nurture courses and other activities.

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Leading the Way

Leading the Way is a new suite of resources for small groups, developed by the Diocese to undergird and expand the principles identified within the ‘Way of Life’ framework for discipleship. These resources can be used in partnership with our Simple Guide leaflets.

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Parish Giving Scheme

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a direct-debit system originally developed by the Diocese of Gloucester to provide a professional, effective donation management system to support parishes in funding their mission and ministry.  It has been adopted as the preferred way of giving by the National Stewardship Committee and more than half of our dioceses are using the scheme.

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Personal Discipleship

We are all at differing stages on our journey of faith. Here are some resources to help nourish us on that journey.

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Simple Guides

The Simple Guides cover the four directions under the Way of Life heading – Up, Out, In, With.

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Stewardship is integral to discipleship. It encompasses how we handle all that with which we have been blessed in terms of time, talents and financial giving. Stewardship is our own, personal response to God.

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Training & Development

The Training Development Team aims to encourage the development and skills of clergy, Readers and lay people in churches and parishes throughout the diocese.

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Way of Life

Way of Life has been designed to help people be intentional and disciplined in their walk with God, irrespective of tradition, age and situation, and offers a basic framework by which we can journey towards maturity in Christ.

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Way2 Community

Way2 is a community in the former vicarage at Falmouth, providing an opportunity for up to two years for people to explore vocation to Christian ministry or religious community, whilst gaining experience in rural parish ministry. For further information contact Simon Bone on T. 01209822862 E.

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