Is God Calling You?

God calls everyone to be like Jesus. Jesus’ life – his values, and how he treated people – is the pattern for how we should be. God calls us into service, bringing the love of God into people’s lives and reflecting Jesus’ servant ministry to others. But he also calls some people to be especially dedicated to a life of service and prayer; into ordained ministry, as a priest. Is God waiting for you to respond to his call?


Is God Calling You to Ordained Ministry?

What Kind of People?

As he’s been doing for thousands of years, God continues to call unique and distinctive people into service as priests.

So the Church of England doesn’t have a cookie cutter approach, but welcomes a wide range of traditions, personalities and backgrounds.

All sorts of very different people are selected for ordained ministry, bringing invaluable gifts and experiences to help them do enormously varied, exciting and challenging jobs.

What Kind of Training?

If selected for ordination, you will receive training to equip you for ministry.

This usually lasts two or three years at a Church of England theological college or course – residential, non-residential or a mix of the two. Training grants are available.

After college, you’ll continue to study and receive training as a curate, and you’ll benefit from further development throughout your ministry.

In the Diocese of Truro we run Way2, an internship programme for people to explore vocation to Christian ministry or religious community.

With spaces for up to four interns, the scheme provides the opportunity to experience ministry in a variety of placements, offers practical experience of parish ministry and aims to equipped people for a life of service to God.

During the placement which runs for up to two years, interns live together in a former vicarage in Stithians, situated within the Eight Saints Cluster.

The Church of England also has a Ministry Experience Scheme (CEMES)

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What Kind of Jobs?

There’s no formal career path for priests, but there are lots of opportunities!

You might move around between all sorts of different roles, and between dioceses or even countries.

Some choose to remain in a parish all their life; others may work as chaplains or ordained pioneer ministers. Some specialise – perhaps working with young people, evangelism, community projects or the media.

Some work full-time; others combine their priesthood with their day-job.

Want to Know More?

There’s more to ordained ministry than you might think.

The Church of England wants to encourage anyone who’s thinking about ordained ministry, and would be very happy to provide further information and guidance.

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