Our Vision

The over-arching vision for the Diocese of Truro is to ‘Discover God’s Kingdom and Grow the Church’.

We want to encourage others to come and join us in the exciting adventure that God has for us. In Cornwall especially, there are many signs of God at work in the world and there is an imperative on each of us to discover God at work in His world and respond to the signs of the Kingdom.

We recognise that the phrase “growing the church” has more than one meaning. We want to invite others to come and share with us the love of God and all that God has done for us in Jesus Christ who died for us and we accept that each and everyone one of us need to go on growing in faith and maturity. So “growing the church” is deliberately ambiguous – speaking not only of extending the invitation to others but ensuring we ourselves respond appropriately to the invitation given to us by God.

Confidence in the Gospel: The Diocese 2016-2018


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