Relationships are at the heart of all that the church is and does. Our churches are communities in which people relate to each other and in which we recognise the worth and value of every single person.

It is, therefore, of primary importance that we take great care of every person in the right way.

The Diocese of Truro is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our community.

We will respond without delay to every concern raised and we will co-operate fully with statutory agencies during any investigations they make into allegations.

We seek to offer pastoral care to anyone who has been affected by abuse.

Our Safeguarding Team are here to offer support and advice.

Sarah Acraman, Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor

T 01872 274351 or out of hours please contact 01208 251300 for an urgent safeguarding response from Social Care.




Sarah Acraman,
Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor,
Church House,
Woodlands Court,
Truro Business Park,
Truro, TR4 9NH

What happens next if you need help?

Once we become aware that someone has failed in their duty to protect others and maintain appropriate boundaries, we will take action to protect you and others that may be vulnerable.

We are here to help you, and will keep what you tell us confidential unless you give us permission to share it, or unless it’s clear that someone else is still at risk, in which case we may need to inform the Police or Social Care. We will not publicly identify you or share any information about you without your permission.

If you would like us to, we can arrange support for you from one of our Authorised Listeners who are skilled at helping those who have been abused to see a way forward. A counsellor could also be made available where appropriate.

We will work alongside you with other professionals such as the police to investigate the abuse, take action to protect you and others who may be at risk, and review our practices so that people will be better protected in the future.

Abuse is never the fault of the child or vulnerable person who was abused, and it is always the responsibility of a person in a position of power or trust to ensure that appropriate boundaries are maintained, and that children and other people in their care who are vulnerable to abuse or neglect are kept safe.


Safeguarding Resources


Stop it now

If you want to contact a confidential source of support that is independent of the Church, Stop It Now is an organisation set up to tackle child and vulnerable adult abuse, and provide support to victims. They can also help if you are worried about your own or someone else’s behaviour towards a child or vulnerable adult. Go to:

Churches Child Protection Advisory Service:

DBS online information, advice and processing – CCPAS

T 0845 1204549 Ext 204




Call 101

Minister & Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors

Minister & Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors (MACSAS) is a charity organisation set up to support those who have experienced abuse within a Christian faith based context. Go to:

Multi Agency Referral Unit for Safeguarding Concerns

Multi Agency Referral Unit for Safeguarding Concerns (MARU): 0300 1231 116



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