Important changes to Episcopal College: announcement from Bishop Philip

It was my pleasure on joining the diocese to find such a cohesive and effective Episcopal College in place, marked by good, strong and supportive relationships. That’s a great gift not just to me but to us all in the diocese, contributing significantly to our task of ‘Discovering God’s Kingdom; Growing the Church’. That said […]

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A funeral for Terry filled with mourners who’d never met him

I’ve never been to a funeral for someone I didn’t know. But, like many others across Cornwall, I responded to the plea from Revd Caspar Bush to go to Terry Filer’s funeral at St Euny, Redruth. Terry was 85 and died alone, in a care home, without known family or friends. Storm Eric had been […]

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Young people, pressure and how a college chaplain can make a difference

Young people are under enormous pressure from all directions. Exams and the narrowing pathways to achieve them; sexuality and the confusing pressure to conform; how to look, how to behave and how to navigate a world that offers a lot of scary ways to fit in. The truth is, too many of our children and […]

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Cathedral full for celebration of Lay Ministry

Truro Cathedral was filled to capacity on Saturday for the Service of Celebration of Lay Ministry. Over 200 Local Pastoral Workers and Local Worship Leaders were joined by family, church family and friends for the service which also saw 19 Local Pastoral Ministers commissioned and a further ten re-commissioned. Local Worship Leaders and Local Pastoral […]

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Transformation Cornwall – does Cornwall need transforming?

Transformation Cornwall…Why would anyone want to transform Cornwall? It’s beautiful isn’t it? With its gorgeous coastlines, picturesque villages and amusing characters – just like in the TV programmes. Sadly, its beauty is only part of the picture. What the cameras and Sunday supplements don’t show is a county crying for its impoverished. Cornwall is officially […]

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Local Pastoral Ministers – the hidden frontline

Local Pastoral Ministers (LPMs) are a unique group of people quietly enriching our county by loving their neighbours with care and compassion. Offering tremendous support to the pastoral work of our clergy, LPMs are highly valued for their ability to come alongside people and simply listen. They don’t fix things or give advice, but they […]

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Service to celebrate Lay Ministry this weekend

Saturday will see over 200 Local Worship Leaders and Local Pastoral Ministers gather at Truro Cathedral for a service to celebrate Lay Ministry. The 220 Local Pastoral Ministers and Local Worship Leaders will include 19 Local Pastoral Ministers who will be commissioned for the first time. A further ten will be re-commissioned. While Bishop Philip […]

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Looking forward to bringing hope to people

A wish to bring a little sunshine into people’s lives is what motivated Liz Hargreaves and Carole Willoughby to sign up for a Local Pastoral Ministry course. Liz and Carole, who both worship at Trevenson Church in Pool, are looking forward to joining their church’s Pastoral team in the coming weeks. The pair will be […]

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Bishop Philip goes back to school for the day

Bishop Philip yesterday (Monday, 28.1.19) made his first formal visits to church schools in the diocese. He called first on Ladock CofE Primary School, where he met with many of the pupils and staff before leading them in collective worship on the subject of forgiveness. He then moved on to Wendron CofE VA School, where […]

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A church setting up a company? Must be the Bodmin Way

When you think of company start-ups, you don’t naturally think of them in the context of church life. But that’s exactly what they’re doing in Bodmin. They have started Bodmin Way, a company to fund their social enterprise work and staff employment including a Pioneer Minister. Four churches, four PCCs, one company “We have four […]

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