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Transforming Mission Cornwall (TM)



Through Transforming Mission we are developing a model for the renewal of Anglican Church life across our communities, starting in Falmouth and Carnmarth South deanery, which will be adapted and replicated across many other towns. We seek to create a thriving church community that attracts and supports all ages including families and the student generation and has at its heart a desire to spill out of its own walls to proclaim good news, serve its community, to resource and bless other churches and to be the catalyst for growth in discipleship, evangelism and community-building.

We wish to see churches at the heart of our Cornish towns renewed and equipped, growing in numbers and in faith and attracting the generations that, by and large, are now missing from our congregations. These churches will work with each other and with ecumenical partners, they will help to grow the next generations of leaders, both lay and ordained and, as they receive resources to enable them, they will be generous in helping to resource the village churches around them.

To help us on this Transforming Mission journey funding has been granted by the Church Commissioners to support an initial five-year programme.


We are painfully aware of patterns of declining attendance at church, particularly amongst the younger generations, of congregations overwhelmed by financial and practical demands, faithful clergy increasingly stretched by the size and scope of the responsibilities laid on them and a resulting decrease in our ability to support and service our local communities.

Yet we are also joyfully and hopefully aware that ours is a Resurrection faith and we worship a God who is “always making all things new”. We have a Gospel of life and a promise that God will grow his Church. We have a calling to respond in faith to this Gospel and this promise.


We’re starting in Falmouth, which is one of Cornwall’s larger communities with a significant and growing student population, a vibrant place of energy and vitality and recently identified as one of the very best places to live in the United Kingdom. A combination of factors, including the size and nature of the Deanery and the growing commitment of the churches to work together across parish boundaries, have led us in faith to identify Falmouth as the right place to start the Transforming Mission programme, but we plan swiftly to apply what we learn in other comparable places, and to grow pioneering and prayerful leaders to minister in these and other contexts.


Following the creation of a Bishop’s Mission Order to draw together the Anglican churches in Falmouth, we are creating a thriving new church community, based at All Saints Church, which will also act as a resource for the whole Deanery, plus the use of the existing church café at KCM as a Student Hub called Huddle café.



The Transforming Mission programme is already under way, recruiting key positions and getting premises ready for the start of the new ministries. We are planning on opening the Huddle Café before the end of the year, supporting new students as they settle in Falmouth with the aim to start contemporary services in All Saints in the New Year.


We have already recruited

  • Kayode Odetayo as the Transforming Mission Strategic Programme Manager 
  • Bianca and Matt Parry as the Huddle Café Managers
  • Student Minister, to work alongside the University Chaplaincy and to resource a Student Hub at KCM Café in the heart of the town


We will soon be recruiting other key positions in Falmouth to include:

  • Pioneer Priest to serve All Saints, to identify new opportunities and to develop and grow a new congregation.
  • Children and Families Worker
  • An Operations Manager
  • Worship Minister and member of the leadership team

Click here for current vacancies

Key to the success of this new work will be:

  • the commitment to prayer and support by all;
  • a body of Christian people of all ages, who will come together to form the core group of this new work.



We have secured the services of a gifted and experienced Pioneer Minister, the Revd Chris Thomson, to work with us, on a part-time consultancy basis. He is helping us bring the Transforming Mission project through its early stages, to draw together the necessary people and resources and to recruit to the key positions.

In the meantime Kayode Odetayo, the new Transforming Mission Strategic Programme Manager is settling into his role and will be introducing himself to the people of Falmouth in due course.

Above all, we need the people of God in and around Falmouth, in Cornwall and beyond to join us in prayer for a continued sensitivity to God’s leading and for His gathering of the team to turn the vision into reality. Perhaps you could be part of the answer to these prayers. If you would like further information contact

For more information and points for prayer please download this update


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