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Christians believe in things, and believing means that we do things.

We believe that a loving God is our creator, and that God has a particular sort of world in mind for us to live in. We believe that God creates through love, and that Jesus Christ is at the heart of that creative love.

We believe that we find God in Jesus, that Jesus is God made flesh on earth and that we see the depth of God’s love in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

We believe that God is made known today, in every life, every day and that we can all enter into that new life with God.

Faith isn’t something that we prove, it isn’t a formula or secret code, but we see faith lived out in the things we do. Christians are called to love God, and to love those around us. So we worship and pray to God, and we serve our communities and the world.

In this section you will find stories of faith from ordinary people in our Diocese. People like you and me. There are also prayers to guide you through life’s ups and downs and for those who feel God is calling them, there is information on what the next steps are to take it further.


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