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What we do

“What do we do? Well, we work for a global enterprise. We have outlets in virtually every country in the world. We run hospitals and hospices, schools and orphanages, educational programmes and feeding programmes. We have homeless shelters, we have marriage counselling, we do all sorts of justice and reconciliation things. Basically, we look after people from birth to death and we deal in the area of behavioural alteration. What’s it called? It’s called the church. Haven’t you heard of it?”

Canon J John, Philo Trust

The Diocese of Truro is about much more than church services. The people in the Diocese of Truro spread the Good News of the gospel in a number of ways both in church and out.

We currently have people involved with:


Our churches reach out to provide care and support to people throughout their lives and during key events in their lives from Christenings and marriages to funerals.


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